1 Space Pilot 3000

Pizza delivery boy Philip J. Fry accidentally stumbles into a cryogenic freezer on December 31, 1999, and awakens one thousand years in the future on New Year's Eve, 2999. He meets a one-eyed career counselor named Leela, who tries to assign him an eternal career as a delivery boy. Fry dislikes the idea and escapes into the city where he meets Bender, an alcoholic robot who has also abandoned his job, and the two become friends. Fry soon becomes depressed that he can never return to his old life and surrenders to Leela, but she realizes that she also hates her job and quits. Now fugitives, the three visit Fry's descendant, Professor Farnsworth, who helps them escape from the police on his intergalactic spaceship as the world celebrates the year 3000. Farnsworth hires the three to become his crew for his intergalactic delivery service, Planet Express, with Fry becoming a delivery boy.
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