7 My Three Suns

The crew are sent to make a delivery on the planet of Trisol, but Fry is stricken by extreme thirst after traveling on foot under the planet's three blazing suns and, upon arrival at the planetary palace, drinks what appears to be a bottle of water. It turns out that the "water" is in fact the emperor of the planet's liquid-based inhabitants, and Fry is declared the planet's new emperor. Before Fry's coronation, Leela tries to warn him that each of the planet's emperors have been killed and succeeded on a weekly basis, but Fry refuses to listen and Leela vows to never help him again. When the sun sets after Fry's coronation, the Trisolians begin to glow, including the previous emperor, who is still alive in Fry's stomach and orders him to be cut open and drained. Leela ultimately decides to help save Fry from being killed by beating him up, causing Fry to weep in pain and gradually cry out the emperor.
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