7 Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Fry goes with Amy to try out her newly purchased car on Mercury. When the car runs out of gas, the two make love while waiting for a tow truck and begin dating. Valentine's Day approaches and Fry begins to feel smothered by Amy, but as Fry prepares to break up with her, they get into a car accident that nearly kills him. With his body severely damaged, Fry's head is kept alive by being grafted onto Amy's shoulder. Fry breaks up with Amy anyway upon returning to Earth, so she arranges another date that Fry is forced to attend. Before Fry can unwillingly join Amy in an intimate relationship with her boyfriend, Leela saves him by prolonging their conversation and canceling their evening plans. Fry has his head is reattached to his repaired body the next day, and he and Amy continue to remain friends.
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