9 A Bicyclops Built for Two

Leela meets another cyclops named Alcazar, who appears to be the only other remaining member of their kind following the destruction of their home planet of Cyclopia. Leela moves into Alcazar's castle and decides it is her duty to help rebuild their civilization with him, but he begins to treat her like a slave. Fry grows suspicious of Alcazar, but before he can persuade Leela, Alcazar proposes to her and she accepts. During the wedding, Fry and Bender discover that the planet has four other castles, each housing a different alien Alcazar had proposed to and is preparing to marry on the same day. Fry exposes the secret and Alcazar's five brides gang up on him, forcing him to reveal his true form as a shapeshifting bug-like alien. As they leave Alcazar's planet, Leela begins contemplating the odds of finding the planet she came from.
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