10 A Clone of My Own

Farnsworth celebrates his 150th birthday, but begins to grow concerned about what will become of his inventions after he is gone, so he names a clone of himself, Cubert Farnsworth, to be his successor. However, Cubert shows no interest in becoming an inventor and harshly criticizes all of Farnsworth's ideas and inventions. Saddened, Farnsworth leaves a will revealing that he is in fact 160 years old, the age when people are taken to the Near-Death Star, a retirement home-like facility from which they never return. The crew and Cubert rescue Farnsworth while he is still unconscious, but their ship's light-speed engines are damaged. Fortunately, a blow Cubert sustained to the head during the escape causes him to gain Farnsworth's understanding of how the engines work. The crew safely returns to Earth, and Cubert tells Farnsworth that he has decided to follow in his "father's" footsteps.
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