16 Anthology of Interest I

Farnsworth invents a What-If machine that simulates the Planet Express crew's wishes: Bender asks what if he were 500 feet (150 m) tall; Leela asks what if she were more impulsive; and Fry asks what if he never came to the future. Terror at 500 Feet – Bender is built on another planet to be 500 feet tall and comes to Earth to wreak havoc. Desperate to put an end to Bender's rampage, the Planet Express crew turns Zoidberg into a 500-foot-tall (150 m) giant who fights and kills Bender. Dial L for Leela – Farnsworth tells Leela that she will be named his successor because she is boring and predictable. Acting on impulse, Leela kills Farnsworth and the rest of the Planet Express crew except Fry, who she has sex with to keep him quiet. The Un-Freeze of a Lifetime – After just missing falling into the cryogenic tube, Fry discovers a wormhole that threatens to destroy the universe if Fry does not go to the future. Instead of stepping into the tube, Fry destroys it and brings about the end of the universe.
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