18 Anthology of Interest II

The Planet Express crew ask three more questions for the What-If Machine: Bender asks what if he were human; Fry asks what if life were more like a video game; and Leela asks what if she found her true home. I, Meatbag – Farnsworth uses his latest invention to turn Bender into a human for the Nobel Committee. Bender goes on a week-long eating binge that turns him into a thousand-pound, morbidly obese blob and dies shortly after inspiring the committee to become party animals like he had. Raiders of the Lost Arcade – Earth is invaded by a race of aliens from Nintendu 64 in a manner similar to Space Invaders. Fry fails to stop the Nintendian invasion, but when their demands are revealed to be quarters for laundry, a compromise is reached allowing the Nintendians to mix their laundry with the Earthlings' in exchange for the Earth's safety. Wizzin' – Instead of seeing what would happen if she found her true home, Leela is knocked unconscious by the What-If Machine's lever and dreams herself in a parody of The Wizard of Oz with herself as Dorothy, Fry as the Scarecrow, Bender as the Tin Man, Zoidberg as the Cowardly Lion, Farnsworth as the Wizard, and Mom as the Wicked Witch. Leela decides she wants to become the new Wicked Witch instead of going home, but her reign of terror and her dream are cut short when Zoidberg splashes and melts her with water.
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