9 A Clockwork Origin

Farnsworth tries to prove the theory of evolution to creationist orangutan Dr. Banjo by discovering and presenting the final missing link between ape and man, but is dismissed when Banjo becomes the curator of the museum where Farnsworth displays his archeological find. Farnsworth decides he would rather not live on Earth anymore and has his crew relocate him to a distant, lifeless asteroid, using nanobots to turn the toxic minerals present into a habitable landscape. In mere hours, the nanobots evolve into robotic trilobites and devour the Planet Express ship. While trying to survive over the next few days, the crew witnesses the trilobites evolve into mechanical dinosaurs, which are wiped out by a solar flare and allow robotic mammals to evolve into modern-day humanoids. The crew is discovered by a robot naturalist who brings the discovery of intelligent, carbon-based life forms to the attention of the robot society, but Farnsworth is put on trial when he reveals the creationist-like fact that he is the source of their society. By the time the court reaches a verdict the next day, the robots have evolved into energy-based life forms and abandon the issue altogether, deeming it beneath them. The crew returns to Earth using a ship made from robot dinosaur parts and, in the wake of Farnsworth being the catalyst of robot evolution, Farnsworth and Dr. Banjo reconcile their differing beliefs.
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