10 Homer's Night Out

Bart purchases a miniature spy camera from a mail-order catalog and uses it to take candid photos around the house. Later, Homer tells Marge he is going to a bachelor party for a co-worker, Eugene Fisk. While Homer is gone, Marge decides to take the children to the Rusty Barnacle, a seafood restaurant where (unknown to her) the bachelor party is well under way.

A sexy belly dancer named Princess Kashmir arrives at the party and invites Homer on stage to dance with her. On the way to the restaurant bathroom, Bart wanders into the bachelor party room and eagerly snaps a picture of Homer and Kashmir. Bart brings the picture to school and gives a copy of it to Milhouse, who promptly gets requests from other students for a copy of the picture. It is not long before everyone in Springfield has one. Marge sees a copy of the picture at her aerobics class and furiously rips it from the bulletin board. When Homer gets home that day, Marge immediately shoves the picture in his face and demands an explanation. At that point, Bart inadvertently reveals that it was his picture, and Homer gets angry at him for taking the picture. After sending Bart to his room, Marge shoves a hastily half-packed suitcase in front of Homer and kicks him out of the house. Homer spends the night at Barney's apartment.

The next day Homer goes home to apologize to Marge. To his surprise, he learns that what upset her was not what he did, but that Bart saw it and will one day misconstrue it as a sign that it is okay to treat women like sex objects. She insists that he take Bart to meet Princess Kashmir so that Bart can see for himself that she is more than just a stripper. Left with no alternative, Homer and Bart scour the strip clubs of Springfield to find Princess Kashmir. Eventually, they track her down at the Sapphire Lounge.

Homer introduces himself and Bart to Kashmir, who is preoccupied with getting on stage for her performance, though she understands what Homer is trying to get through for his son. Without knowing it, Homer accidentally finds himself on stage at the burlesque show. Homer is about to be thrown offstage when the audience recognize him as the guy from the picture. The audience applauds and Homer gets caught up in the fanfare and starts dancing with the showgirls, until he sees Bart and realizes what he was supposed to do. Homer stops the show and successfully manages to make a plea to the audience to treat women with respect. Marge, who is in the audience, accepts Homer's apology and the two make up.

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