10 Viva Ned Flanders

Mr. Burns' Casino is about to get demolished, however, a confusion over whether demolitions are supposed to involve implosions or explosions results in the casino being blasted into a huge dust cloud. The family goes to the car wash to get rid of the dust, and when Homer is there, he sees that Ned Flanders gets a senior discount. Homer thinks Ned is lying and tries to expose him at church, but Ned proves he really is sixty years old. People are impressed that Ned looks so young for his age and remark that he must take exceptional care of himself, but when Ned says that he follows the three "c"s of success—clean living, chewing thoroughly, and "a daily dose of vitamin Church!"—they start to pity him for having never, in their view, truly lived at all.

Ned reluctantly agrees with this and asks Homer to teach him the secret to his lust for life. This leads Homer to head towards Mr. Burns' Casino, but when Ned reminds Homer it is now defunct, Homer instead takes Ned on a gambling trip to Las Vegas. Homer is confident about going there, but Flanders is nervous. When they arrive, they see Captain Lance Murdock (from "Bart the Daredevil") doing one of his stunts, and Homer chooses to volunteer, and survives. They wander into a casino called "Nero's Palace" and begin to play roulette. Ned protests against games of chance because of Deuteronomy 7, but Homer ignores him and takes the reference as a lucky number. They win, but immediately lose all they won. They then go to the casino's bar, and Ned gives into temptation and gets drunk of wine spritzers. Homer and Ned wake up the next morning in their hotel room married to two cocktail waitresses: Homer's new wife is named Amber, and Ned's new wife is Ginger. Homer finally realizes he got in over his head. While Homer fantasizes about bigamy, Ned snaps Homer back to reality by saying they were drunk and thus not of sound judgement to have such quickie, plastic weddings; also they are already married.

Homer and Ned try to escape from the waitresses, going on a wild rampage through the casino, until they are confronted by casino security, Gunter and Ernst (also from "$pringfield"), Drederick Tatum, Boomhauer, and the Moody Blues. Homer and Ned attempt to escape in a car, but are beaten up in the process and are exiled from Las Vegas. Amber & Ginger angrily tell the two never to marry them again. Homer and Ned head back to their real wives in Springfield by hitchhiking, only to be attacked by two hungry vultures on their way back, being heard screaming as the credits roll.

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