11 Wild Barts Can't Be Broken

The Simpsons are at Springfield War Memorial Stadium watching the Springfield Isotopes baseball game. After the first pitch Homer, becomes disappointed by the poor performance of the Isotopes and waits in the car. Six months later, he enters Moe's Tavern and is informed by Lenny and Carl that the Isotopes are in the playoffs, and have, so far, been playing well. Homer quickly joins in with the fans to support the Isotopes, who end up winning the National League pennant. To celebrate Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Barney go on a drunken binge and accidentally vandalize Springfield Elementary School.

The next morning, Homer discovers his car, which is badly damaged, and is oblivious that in reality he and his friends were responsible. Chief Wiggum blindly jumps to the conclusion that the vandalism at the school is the work of kids and immediately enforces a curfew on all of Springfield's children, prohibiting them from being on the streets after sunset. Bart and Lisa, as well as the other children of Springfield, are annoyed with not being allowed out after sunset. The children soon rally together to rebel and see an old drive-in horror movie which they saw advertised on television, called "The Bloodening", a film recently discovered in a concrete vault after it was deemed too violent. While at the movie, the movie was interrupted as they are caught by Chief Wiggum. As a punishment, the children must clean a police billboard with Wiggum on it.

The children then set up a radio show called "We Know All Your Secrets", in which they expose the secrets of the adults of Springfield like the kids in the movie. The children are tracked down at the billboard by Professor Frink's machine, and an argument between the children and the adults ensues. Unfortunately, the argument rouses the ire of Grampa and the other senior citizens trying to get some sleep, and they vow to teach both groups a lesson. Their revenge turns out to be enforcing a curfew banning everyone under the age of seventy from the streets after dark, which is a measure that passed by a single vote, due to Homer refusing to cast a ballot.

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