12 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

When Bart, Lisa and the students of Springfield Elementary go on a field trip to the post office, Bart gets a coupon book as a souvenir, which he gives to Homer as a birthday present. Homer uses one of his coupons at a tire business on a free wheel balancing, and is told by the "customer care specialist" that his car will not take a balance, and that he will need four new tires because they cannot legally let customers drive off with faulty tires. Homer reluctantly accepts, and meets Wally Kogen, a travel agent. They go to Moe's for a beer, watching a special on the Super Bowl. Wally says his travel agency has a charter bus going to the game and suggests to Homer that he can fill the bus and ride for free. They ask Moe to come to the Super Bowl and he agrees, as do other prominent men of Springfield.

Homer and Bart go to the Super Bowl with their posse at Miami's Pro Player Stadium on the charter bus and arrive for pre-game festivities. Expecting to get in the game, they are stopped when they are told that the tickers Wally had bought were counterfeit. However, Bart notices a rack of costumes meant for the halftime show, and Homer use it to knock over security and rush inside. However, stadium security quickly catches them, and they are locked up in the stadium jail where the group vents their frustration by kicking Homer in the buttocks one-by-one. They are freed when Kogen's friend Dolly Parton uses her extra-strength makeup remover to dissolve the lock and release them. As they are freed, they run into a skybox suite and get a view of the game, until the skybox's owner Rupert Murdoch arrives and confronts them. Homer's posse flee to the field, chased by Murdoch's security, until they get lost in the sea of victorious players. The group ends up in the locker room where they share the celebration, and everyone has a Super Bowl ring on one of their hands at game's end.

Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa try to find their own activity at home. They use the crafting kit, "Vincent Price's Egg Magic", until they realize that the product was shoddy because the feet were not included. Despite the kit being from 1967, Marge decides to call the help-line number listed on the box. Surprisingly, she is greeted with the voice of Price — who assures her that his grandson Jody will bring the missing feet to them. Lisa expresses surprise, believing the actor to be dead. The episode ends with John Madden and Pat Summerall analyzing the events of the episode. Despite endorsing Kogen and the subplot, they are infuriated by a Super Bowl episode guest starring Parton that does not feature "any football or singing". Madden declares the episode a slap to the show's fanbase, who he says have taken "so much nonsense" from the franchise. They eventually leave on a bus driven by Price, which "doesn't make a lick of sense" according to Madden.

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