15 Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"

After the Simpson family watch a poor talent show display by the teachers, they are in a hurry to leave. Homer sees Krusty driving a Canyonero and decides to purchase one. Homer purchases the sport utility vehicle, but is soon disappointed after discovering he bought the "F-series", intended for women. Embarrassed to drive it, he gives the vehicle to Marge. Marge dislikes it at first due to its size and features, but quickly becomes fond of it, and develops road rage. Later, when traveling around town, Marge is given a traffic ticket by Chief Wiggum and is ordered to take a defensive driving course. While driving away from the class, she accidentally drives the Canyonero into the prison and loses her driving privileges.

Homer, Bart, and Lisa take a trip to the zoo. Homer accidentally causes the rhinoceroses to go berserk and escape. The police request Marge to use the large SUV to stop the rhinoceroses who have escaped the zoo. Marge first declines, until she sees her family in danger. Marge agrees to assist the police and succeeds in rounding up the animals, but learns there is one missing and sees Homer being carried off by the rhinoceros. She chases the angry rhino into a construction site and deliberately crashes the vehicle, making it burst into flames. The rhino instinctively attempts to stamp out the fire, and Homer escapes and the Rhino is returned to the zoo. Marge credits her success to Stone Phillips and the whole family praises NBC. During the end credits, Homer praises FOX at gunpoint and he is shot when he praises CBS.

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