5 When You Dish Upon a Star

Bart and Lisa persuade their parents to spend the day at Lake Springfield. While there, Homer attempts parasailing and is involved in an accident when he tells Marge to send him up far too high; as a result, his rope detaches. He crashes through a glass roof and into the bedroom of Alec Baldwin (whom Homer at first mistakes for Billy Baldwin) and Kim Basinger's secluded summer home. The couple and Homer become acquainted. Homer convinces the couple to allow him to be their assistant, while keeping it secret that the celebrity couple are in Springfield. Homer, at first, works well with the couple, and they all become good friends. Homer also befriends Ron Howard when he visits the couple, and soon attempts to pitch a screenplay about a "killer robot driving instructor that travels back in time for some reason," as well as a talking pie, the robot's best friend. Alec rejects the screenplay, not just for the bizarre concept, but because the script is only 17 pages long and mostly consists of drawings of the time machine.

However, Homer soon finds it difficult to keep such a big secret hidden, and ends up telling Lenny, Carl and Moe about the celebrities. This releases the information that Baldwin and Basinger are in Springfield, and the couple's house is discovered by Springfield citizens and the media. Baldwin and Basinger are furious at Homer for breaking their trust, and immediately end their friendship with him and kick him out of their house, and Homer sadly walks to the gate while being pelted with rocks by the citizens. Bitter about losing his celebrity friends and once again feeling like a nobody, Homer begins a mobile museum, entitled "Museum of Hollywood Jerks", which displays the couple's personal belongings that were left behind in Homers car during his time as their assistant, including their underwear and Alec Baldwin's medical alert bracelet. Basinger, Baldwin and Howard soon begin to miss Homer, having enjoyed his company, and decide to apologize to him, only to discover the museum. A high-speed chase quickly ensues between Homer, in his mobile museum, and the celebrities in their Hummer. Homer agrees to stop after Ron Howard is injured during the chase. Homer is ordered by a court of law to remain 500 miles away from any celebrity, both living or dead. One month later, Ron Howard pitches Homer's screenplay from earlier to Brian Grazer of 20th Century Fox, and over a still of Howard rejoicing over securing the deal, a snippet of the theme song of Happy Days is played.

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