6 D'oh-in' in the Wind

Mr. Burns plans on eating a jar of pickles for lunch, but is unable to open the jar. Nobody else in the plant is able to open it, either. As a result, Mr. Burns decides he needs tougher employees, so he directs Lenny, Carl and Homer in an advertisement to promote the plant. When Homer sees what a good job he did in the commercial, even though no one read the script, he plans on becoming an actor. As he fills out his Screen Actors Guild form, Lisa points out that he has not filled in his middle name, having just put the initial "J". Homer admits that he does not know his middle name. He consults Grandpa about it, who does not remember its origin (he was "in it for the spanking"), but suggests where it might be. They drive to a farm run by two middle-aged hippies, Seth and Munchie, who were friends of Homer's mother back when she had been a hippie. They point out a mural she painted (based on an incident at Woodstock where a very young Homer ran around naked in the mud), which reveals Homer's middle name: "Jay", which makes no difference to his name's pronunciation. Homer sees how care-free his life would be if he were a hippie, and thus decides to become one.

Homer dons a filthy old poncho left behind by Mona and carries around a frisbee (which has "Homer Jay" enscribed on it) as part of his hippie guise. He visits Groovy Grove Natural Farm, where he joins Seth and Munchie in their game of hackie-sack. The fun soon ends when Seth and Munchie have to go back to work, as they operate the most popular organic juice company in Springfield out of their barn. Because of this, Homer believes that they are not hippies and so convinces them to join him on an "old-time freak-out". After their little luck freaking out ordinary people, they return to the barn, only to find that it is flooded with Seth and Munchie's juice and broken bottles — revealed to be caused by Homer's frisbee ending up inside the "juicillator" machine, jamming it and thus ruining Seth and Munchie's shipment. In fury, they remind Homer that he is not, never was and at the rate he is going, never will be a hippie, before telling him to leave them alone. A deject Homer walks away, right before tossing his frisbee behind him, only for it to land in the factory again. Homer quickly leaves.

At night, Homer plans on making it up to Seth and Munchie by taking the crops from their garden and making the juice with them, which he then distributes to every store in town. However, due to a shortage of juicing crops, he also finds and uses some of their "personal vegetables". As a consequence, anyone who drinks the juice has crazy hallucinations. Chief Wiggum catches on, and soon the police surround the farm. Homer comes out front to defend Seth and Munchie and hippie honor by reminding the police of the morals taught by the 1960s, planting a flower in each of their guns as he does so. However, Wiggum discharges his gun, lodging the flower from it in Homer's forehead. At the hospital, Dr. Hibbert says he cannot remove the flower, as he claims "I'm a doctor not a gardener".

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