16 Pygmoelian

After being tricked into evacuating the house by Homer, who had set off the fire alarm early in the morning, the family goes to a festival sponsored by Duff Beer. While there, they see Moe Szyslak enter a "Beer-tender" competition. Moe wins the contest during the "Toss Your Drunk" challenge and gets his photo taken for a calendar, only to have it censored out with stickers. Realizing this is because of how ugly he is, Lenny and Carl suggest that Moe gets plastic surgery. He agrees, but is reluctant while there. After his surgery, Moe has a very handsome face. Vindicated, he confronts old adversaries, including the producers of a soap opera, It Never Ends, complaining that he never got the part of the character Dr. Tad Winslow because of his ugliness. Incidentally, the actor who plays Dr. Tad Winslow demands he get a raise in his salary, but is fired by the producers. Instead, they make Moe the new Dr. Tad Winslow.

Meanwhile, while Moe is acting, Bart and Lisa discover that Maggie's Duff Days elephant balloon has blown away in the wind. They go after it until it ends up in a gay Republican coalition's office, and they deem the pink elephant from the balloon as their new mascot. They then give Lisa a bumper sticker telling her to vote for "A Gay President in 2084", to which they say "we're realistic" when Lisa appears puzzled.

The soap opera goes well (with a scene of him in bed with Queen Cleopatra (a reference to the antagonist of Anne Rice's novel The Mummy), until Moe learns from top-secret future plot lines that his character will be killed off in a skydiving accident as a result from a coma (a color mixture) shortly after being forced to by Countessa. On the air, Homer and Moe reveal the future plots such as Gabriella's baby shower being invaded by terrorists, Sister Bernadette starting a softball team, and Prof. Galloway's stepsister planning to dominate International Perfume and Wine (all "with sexy results"). The producer angrily tells Moe that his character was only supposed to die in a dream - a reference to the Dream Season of Dallas -, and then she fires him. Moe retorts that "with a mug like mine, I can get a part on any soap in Springfield". However, as he walks off the set, a set piece falls on his face, turning it back to his original one. In a deus ex machina, things go back to normal, and Moe returns to his tavern, but the episode gets cut short when Moe wonders why the accident on the set of It Never Ends turned his handsome face back to his normal face instead of an entirely new one.

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