18 Days of Wine and D'oh'ses

After watching his embarrassing birthday party video and being mocked by his friends with gag gifts, Barney sees he is a hideous drunk, and he promises to get sober. At first, he finds sustaining sobriety tough, but he finds his way to an AA meeting with Homer's help. Meanwhile, to get their picture on the cover of the new phone book, Bart and Lisa decide to enter an amateur photo contest. In the closet, they find an old camera and start to take snapshots. Elsewhere, Barney makes plans to change his life now that he is clean and sober. The Springfield Flight School is his first stop, where he takes helicopter-flying lessons. At Moe's Tavern, Homer is treated as the new Barney and is forced by Moe, Lenny and Carl to perform drunken antics. Barney gives Homer a ride in the helicopter a few lessons later. While in the air, the two men fight about Barney's new sobriety and Homer's unhappiness that they no longer have ridiculous adventures.

Bart and Lisa are taking pictures atop Mt. Springfield when Bart starts a forest fire by carelessly discarding a hot flashbulb. The children are in imminent danger, and Barney and Homer must band together to save them. They hop into the helicopter, but land in the middle of a bridge when Barney panics over the task before him. When a Duff beer truck comes to a sudden stop, spilling its contents in front of a weakening Barney, Homer refuses to let him give up on sobriety and drinks an entire six-pack in his place. Together, Barney and a drunken Homer save the kids.

The next day, at the Simpson house, Marge tells the children that the new phone books are here, and they have Bart and Lisa's picture on the front cover. Bart and Lisa come down, only to realize that the picture on one of the phone books is not the one of the fire on Mt. Springfield; it is actually a photo of baby Bart and Lisa naked on the toilet, causing them to scream in horror. Marge says that the shot was actually in the film on the camera, and that since she had taken it, she won the prize for them. Bart and Lisa, after accepting that they will be the laughingstock of the entire town, happily hug their mother. Meanwhile, Barney's confidence and his relationship with Homer are restored, and he looks forward to an alcohol-free future, although he is now addicted to double-tall mocha lattes.

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