3 Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?

Springfield Elementary arranges a trip to the offices of The Springfield Shopper for the students. Homer volunteers to chaperone the children on the trip. They are introduced to the newspaper's history and operations. Homer smells cake and follows it to a retirement party for the newspaper's food critic. Crashing the party, Homer greedily eats the food. The editor, seeing Homer's love of food, offers him a job as the new food critic. He asks Homer to prepare a 500-word sample review first.

Homer struggles with the review, but he soon gets help from Lisa, who helps him express himself. Soon Homer gets a reputation for giving out excellent reviews to every restaurant he visits. At the Springfield Shopper office, the editor introduces Homer to other critics. They chide him for being too generous in his reviews. Homer foolishly gives into their peer pressure and writes a series of bad reviews, criticizing everything. Lisa complains that he is being needlessly cruel, and she threatens to stop helping him. Homer attempts to continue reviewing by himself. Meanwhile, the local restaurateurs hold a secret meeting about Homer's negative reviews. They decide to kill him. A French chef volunteers to do the deed by feeding Homer a poisonous éclair at an upcoming food festival.

At the food festival, Homer goes about his reviewing duties. Bart overhears some of the restaurateurs discussing the murder plot, and he, Marge and Lisa attempt to find Homer and warn him. Meanwhile, Homer has reached the French chef's stall and is about to eat the éclair. Lisa loudly reveals the murder plot, but Homer shrugs it off. She then exclaims that the éclair is "low fat", and Homer throws away the lethal pastry away in revulsion; when it hits the ground, it explodes. The police rush to the scene and arrest the Frenchman. Homer and Lisa leave but an angry mob is stalking them. As the screen fades to black and the credits roll, the sounds of the mob beating up Homer are heard.

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