7 Eight Misbehavin'

The family visits Shøp, a store based on Ikea, and decides to go to the food court. There, they meet Apu and Manjula. They say that they would like to have a baby. They eventually do, and Manjula gives birth to octuplets with the help of fertility drugs, given by the Simpsons and Apu. It makes headlines across Springfield, with local companies giving the Nahasapeemapetilons free products. However, their feat is eclipsed when a family in Shelbyville give birth to nine babies. With the discovery, the gifts were revoked. Apu and Manjula swiftly find they are not up to the task of raising eight kids all at once.

Apu told Marge that all of his octuplets have colic. Later, Apu is met by the sleazy owner of the Springfield Zoo, a man named Larry Kidkill. Kidkill offers to put Apu's children in a nursery. Although Apu is not open to the idea at first, he caves in and reluctantly accepts. The children are the stars of a show at the zoo named "Octopia", but Apu is not impressed and he wants to liberate his children from the zoo's owner, but Kidkill will not let them because they are under contract. Apu talks with Homer, and they sneak into the zoo at night to rescue the octuplets. Unfortunately, Homer accidentally wakes up the nanny, who sounds the alarm.

They quickly rush the octuplets to the Simpson household only for Kidkill to track them there. Homer manages to negotiate that he perform at the zoo through a new contract with a new act. After Kidkill refuses his original act (which was simply Homer prancing around in a monkey suit), he goes to his second plan; an act where he rides a tricycle with Butch Patrick on his shoulders, both of them dressed as Eddie Munster, on a stage as both are being attacked by cobras (some real, some merely animatronic snakes packed with venom). Inspired by Homer's example, Apu and Manjula resolve that they can take care of their kids, while Homer is mercilessly attacked by several of the snakes and a mongoose put in to contain them.

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