8 Take My Wife, Sleaze

After viewing an advertisement on TV, the family visits the 1950s-themed Greasers Cafe where Homer and Marge win a dancing contest. Their prize is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, awarded by "Wolfguy Jack" just 3 days before the restaurant goes out of business. After Bart educates Homer on riding a motorcycle (which Homer enjoys), he forms an outlaw motorcycle club named the Hell's Satans with Moe, Lenny, Carl, and even Ned Flanders, even though Ned rides a bicycle, Lenny rides a lawnmower, and Moe's motorcycle is old. They get in trouble all across Springfield, hassling Chief Wiggum and Apu who threatens them with a broom for loitering outside his store. Marge finds out Homer took a picture of her in her underwear while asleep, and submitted it to a biker magazine. However, unknown to Homer, he has infringed on another outlaw motorcycle club named the Hell's Satans, which are based in Bakersfield.

One night, the true Hell's Satans arrive, plowing into the Simpson home and cornering Homer in the bedroom, where Meathook, the gangs leader, forces Homer to eat his Hell's Satans jacket, along with the various merchandise he has made with the groups name on it. Deciding to stick around for a while, the bikers decide to "crash" at the Simpsons house, being generally destructive and slovenly. When Homer attempts to call the police, Wiggum refuses to help him due to Homer mocking him earlier. Marge starts to clean up after the bikers, as well as doing laundry and cooking, something the bikers enjoy, since they dont often have access to mundane luxuries on the road. Homer eventually decides to stand up to the gang, only to find that they have left. While sitting down for dinner, the family realizes that Marge is missing, finding a note from Meathook telling them that they have taken Marge with them. Marge is at first worried they're going to take advantage of her; when they reveal none of them are sexually interested in her, she is both relieved and somewhat disappointed. During her time with the gang, Marge teaches them housekeeping skills, as well as telling them how to fit in with regular society again, including how to write a job resume. Meanwhile, Homer has been tracking the bikers, and eventually finds them at a campsite. After a fight with Meathook, Homer wins back Marge. The two of them say goodbye to the gang, who plan to take advice given to them by Marge and find normal jobs. Homer returns with Marge to a biker bar where he had earlier been repeatedly beaten up during his search.

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