13 Day of the Jackanapes

When the popular game show Me Wantee! steals ratings from The Krusty the Clown Show, Krusty, annoyed with his interfering network executives, announces that he will quit showbusiness for good. During an interview with Kent Brockman, he says he is tired of doing his show, and admits to taping Judge Judy over all his old shows featuring Sideshow Bob.

Upon hearing this on TV, Bob vows revenge and plots to kill Krusty. Bob is released from prison and applies for a job at Springfield Elementary as an assistant janitor. However, Principal Skinner decides to make him the morning announcer. Over the announcements, he asks Bart to meet him in the abandoned tool shed. Sideshow Bob binds Bart, then hypnotizes and programs him to smash a statue of Krusty at a local Krusty Burger.

The next night on Krusty's farewell special, Krusty describes the history of his career. Bob straps Bart with explosives and tells him to hug Krusty at the end of his performance, thus killing both of them. However, as Krusty reaches the end of his performance, he talks to the audience about how he regrets mistreating Sideshow Bob, holding himself responsible for turning Bob into a ruthless criminal (from Season 1's "Krusty Gets Busted").

Krusty even goes as far as singing a song on behalf of Bob, stating how very remorseful he is of mistreating him. Upon witnessing this, Bob is touched and develops a change of heart, but does not have time to stop his original plan from being carried out. Luckily, Krusty's trained chimp Mr. Teeny sees the life-threatening explosives and throws them into the network executives' office, killing them all, though they later reanimate themselves like the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

Bart comes out of his hypnotic state and he and his family serve dinner with Krusty, Bob and Sideshow Mel in a restaurant. Although Krusty and Bob reconcile, the police decide to execute Bob by guillotine for his plot of attempted murder, which is immediately revoked when he argues with Chief Wiggum that he should have a trial for it at least.

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