11 The Bart Wants What It Wants

At the beginning of the episode, the Simpsons are seen in their car being chased by Olympic administrators in a helicopter. It turns out that Homer has stolen the Olympic torch because the television broadcast of the Olympics preempts his favorite shows once again. When Marge finally gives the torch to the administrators, the sight of its flame causes them to crash (The administrators survive the crash, but the Olympic flame is gone). On their way home, the family go to a private school-held fair, where Bart meets Greta, Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter while saving her from a group of upper-class bullies (Bart being used to the much more vicious bullies of Springfield Elementary). Greta develops a crush on the oblivious Bart, and the whole family begins enjoying the royal treatment her father, Rainier, provides them. However, Lisa discovers Bart not taking Greta seriously, after skipping her school dance to watch Principal Skinner bomb at an open mic comedy night. Upon Lisa's advice, Bart breaks up with Greta, who does not take it well.

After losing her, Bart discovers that he actually wanted to be with Greta and goes to her house to ask her to come back to him. To his surprise, Greta has already started a new relationship with Milhouse. Though Bart is despondent, Lisa points out that Bart didnt care before, but simply wants Greta back because she is with someone else now, but Bart ignores her. Greta goes to Canada with Milhouse during her father's movie shooting, and Bart follows her to Toronto with his family. At the movie set, Bart confronts Milhouse and they get into a fight, crashing into sets and ruining props. They end up in front of Greta, demanding her to choose between them, and Greta turns both boys down due to loss of interest in the two. The episode ends with the boys reconciling and joining Canada's basketball team.

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