17 Gump Roast

Homer Simpson sits on a park bench holding a box of chocolates, when Chief Wiggum appears to arrest him for impersonating a movie character, which is illegal in Springfrield. Moe, dressed as Austin Powers, is arrested nearby, and led into a police van where he finds Dr Hibbert dressed as Darth Vader. Homer begins telling Wiggum the story of his life, which Wiggum decides to stay and listen to so he can eat from Homer's chocolate, and the viewer is shown various clips from older episdes in the form of flashbacks. The Simpson family then arrives to take Homer to the Friars’ Club, where he is roasted by Krusty the Clown and other prominent citizens of Springfield. Among those roasting him are his son Bart, his daughter Lisa, and his boss Mr. Burns who tries to warn the people of Springfield of Homer's incompetence which, much to his dismay, they think is a joke. The roasters utilize more clips from previous episodes.

Soon, Kang and Kodos arrive at the roast and declare that humans are brutish, primitive and cruel, as demonstrated by more clips, which they show on a TV screen by probing Homers brain, angering Moe who had intended to do a similar stunt for his roast. However, when they probe Homer's baby daughter Maggie's brain and see her memories through a monitor, the emotional impact is too much for them that they cry with joy, but angrily attempt to hide it by saying that they were vomiting from their eyes. However, Maggie's mind also reveals more clips, this time consisting of various celebrities. Kang and Kodos and the citizens make a deal, they agree to spare the Earth if everyone agrees to give them tickets to the People's Choice Awards and other high profile media events. They do, and Kang and Kodos enjoy the award ceremony. The episode ends with the song "They’ll Never Stop the Simpsons", which recounts additional past plots, possible future plots, and an apology for airing this clip show.

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