21 The Frying Game

Homer decides to give Marge a koi pond for their anniversary, but an endangered "Screamapillar" takes refuge in the pond. Bound by law not to disturb it, Homer accidentally injures the loud, unsettling insect larva and is sentenced to community service.

Homer begins delivering Meals on Wheels to an elderly woman, Mrs. Bellamy, who takes a shine to him. She subtly guilts Homer and later, Marge, into becoming her personal servants. When Mrs. Bellamy turns up dead, having been stabbed with a pair of scissors, Homer and Marge are the prime suspects in the murder, even though they witnessed a man with braces leaving the murder scene, with Mrs. Bellamy's necklace. The people of Springfield are very suspicious of Homer and Marge, and Chief Wiggum does not believe their story. Finally, during an inspection of the house, Maggie is found with Mrs. Bellamy's stolen necklace. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are adopted by Cletus Spuckler, who decides to change their "city names" to "Dingus Squatford Junior, and Pamela E. Lee" (with Lisa apparently becoming Dingus).

Despite no lie detector or DNA test given, the two are sentenced to death in the electric chair. In a successful bid to spare Marge, Homer says that he acted alone. As he is sitting in the electric chair, it is suddenly revealed to Homer that he is on a new reality TV show, Frame Up that airs on Fox TV. The whole thing was just part of an elaborate hidden camera scheme, the "man with the braces" was the show's host, and Mrs. Bellamy is guest host Carmen Electra in disguise. Homer and Marge are reunited with the kids, and Homer is furious that he had to suffer so the show could get higher ratings. Carmen Electra tries to explain, but Homer is too busy looking at her breasts. Chief Wiggum, on the other hand, initially seems furious that the police department used was wasted on what turned out to not even be a real case, but he drops his anger when he learns he will be in the show and Eddie and Lou will be given producer credits.

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