9 Pranksta Rap

Bart attends a rap concert without Marge and Homer's permission. To avoid them discovering this, he fakes being kidnapped, intending to stay at Kirk Van Houten's apartment until the heat dies down. Chief Wiggum, determined to prove his reputation as a bad cop wrong, deduces Bart's location and arrests Kirk for the "kidnapping", and is subsequently promoted to police commissioner. After seeing how badly Milhouse has been affected by his father's arrest, Bart confesses his hoax to Wiggum, who convinces him to keep it secret by showing him that Kirk is far better off in prison, due to having both regular meals and the admiration of numerous women as a result of being a convicted felon.

Lisa figures out the truth after discovering a sweater from the rap concert near Bart's treehouse, but upon showing Homer the evidence, he destroys it, having made a deal with Hollywood regarding the rights to Bart's story. Undeterred, Lisa and Principal Skinner travel to the home of hip-hop artist "Alcatraaz", one of the concert's performers, where they find footage of Bart at the concert. Moments later, Homer, Wiggum and Bart show up and try to convince Lisa to abandon her attempts at exposing them, on the basis that no-one has been hurt over the lie. Lisa still wants to expose them regardless, but Homer inadvertently destroys the evidence after accidentally knocking over Alcatraaz's flat-screen TV. Alcatraaz suggests they solve the problem by throwing a pool party, to the delight of everyone but Lisa.

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