15 Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife

Lenny invites his friends in Springfield to a party at his apartment, where he tells them that he has adopted a new faith in the form of a brand new plasma screen television. Homer immediately falls in love with its high-definition picture, and begins to spend all his time at Lenny's home watching television. Marge sends over Bart and Lisa to convince him to come back but they too become enthralled. After a few days, Homer is kicked out by Lenny, and when he returns home he no longer enjoys watching his regular CRT television. Marge tells him that she has entered the family in a contest where first prize is a plasma screen television. Later, they get a call and discover that instead of first prize, they won the third prize: a trip to the studios of Fox Broadcasting Company. There, Homer learns of a reality show called Mother Flippers in which the mothers of two families switch places, and the grand prize happens to be enough money to buy a new plasma screen television.

Homer signs his family up for the show. Marge is traded to a nice, easygoing man named Charles Heathbar and his perfect son, while Homer gets Charles' strict wife Verity. Charles seems to be a husband who dislikes his wife and is constantly told by her what to do, so he is surprised to see that Marge is understanding and kind. As Marge enjoys her time with Charles, he begins to develop an infatuation for her. Meanwhile, Homer, Bart, and Lisa are having major troubles with Verity, who disciplines them and objects to everything they do.

Charles writes a love song for Marge, who seems completely oblivious to him until he tells her that he is in love with her. She explains to him that she loves Homer, and that he should tell his wife how he feels about her. He agrees, and decides to take Marge back to Homer and then get rid of Verity. When the two arrive in Springfield, Homer and the children are ecstatic to see Marge. However, Verity has already decided to leave Charles, and has found a new partner: Marge's sister Patty. They were brought together by their hatred for Homer and begin to insult him. When an offended Homer threatens to vote in favor of a law that prohibits same-sex couples from adopting children, Patty forces Homer into confessing that he is too lazy to actually do it. At the end of the episode, Homer plays a guitar and expresses his undying love for his newly bought plasma television and (to a lesser extent) Marge.

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