5 Dancin' Homer

One night while drinking beer at Moe's Tavern, Homer tells the story of how he got his big break. He begins with the family attending "Nuclear Plant Employee, Spouses and No More Than Three Children Night" at the Springfield Isotopes baseball game at the Springfield minor league baseball stadium. At the game, Homer's hopes of letting loose at the ballpark are ruined when his boss Mr. Burns sits next to him. To Homer's surprise, Mr. Burns buys him several rounds of beer to show good company relations, and the two begin taunting the Isotopes together. The team is expected to lose their twenty-seventh consecutive game, reportedly the longest losing streak in professional baseball. However, when a drunk Homer fires up the crowd with an impromptu dance to the tune of "Baby Elephant Walk", the Isotopes win the game.

Homer is offered the job as team mascot of the Springfield Isotopes by the team's owner. He accepts, and because of his enthusiasm at the games, the Isotopes go on a winning streak. Homer is soon informed that he is going to be promoted to the "big leagues" in Capital City, where he will fill in for the Capital City Goofball as the mascot of the Capital City Capitals. The Simpson family pack up their things, say goodbye to their friends, and move to the big city. Homer's first performance becomes a disaster as his small-town routine flops before the big-city crowd, and he is booed off the field and promptly fired. Homer sadly finishes his story, only to find that Moe's regulars are very impressed with his tale.

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