10 Take My Life, Please

A man named Vance Connor is inducted into the Springfield Wall of Fame, and Homer recounts how he ran against Vance for class president in high school and lost. Later, at Moe's Tavern, Lenny and Carl confess to Homer that his old high school principal had ordered them to bury the ballot box containing the votes to the election. After they dig up the ballot box, Lisa counts the votes, and Homer is shocked to see that the votes put him as the winner. Outraged, he meets his old principal, Dondelinger, in a retirement center, who explains why he had to hide the ballot box: two students had talked their classmates into voting for Homer so that, after he had lost, they could laugh at him all the way through high school. He revealed it worked out well for them and Vance.

The Simpsons later have dinner at Luigi's Restaurant, where Homer remains miserable. Luigi Risotto introduces him to his saucier, who he claims can tell what someone's life could have been like by stirring tomato sauce in a certain way. By using his magical tomato sauce, he helps Homer see what his life would have been like if he had won the election: Homer would have been rich, he would have had a better position at the nuclear plant, would have lived in a mansion on the site where the Flanders now live, been closer to Abe that he would live in the house the Simpsons currently live, and would not be bald. The kids would not have been born because Homer would have remembered to use protection before sex (apparently, Marge is confused by this).

During that time, she tries to convince Homer that it was the one thing that was missing because their lives would be miserable without Bart, Lisa and Maggie. He proved to be more unconvinced and more depressed after seeing that his life would have been a lot better if he had won, even leaping into the pot to try to "live in the sauce". The saucier bashes him for his foolishness and saying if you could live in the sauce, then he would have jumped in himself. Marge convinces him to take a walk with her to the Springfield Wall of Fame. Eventually, he agrees and learns that his name has been put up. Marge reveals that she confronted Dondelinger and forced him to do the right thing. A boy then has his picture taken with him. Homer, now much happier, goes to a Korean restaurant that Bart says 'sells beef that spells the date of your death'.

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