7 MyPods and Boomsticks

During a trip to the mall, Lisa obtains a "MyPod" from Krusty at the Mapple Store. After Bart interrupts an important message from Mapple founder Steve Mobbs, insulting "Mapple's" user base, he runs into a Muslim boy from Jordan named Bashir and befriends him. After meeting Bashir, Homer is impressed by the boy's manners, but Lenny, Carl and Moe convince him that all Muslims are terrorists. He invites Bashir's family over to dinner in an attempt to expose them, but openly discriminates. Offended, they leave.

Later that evening, while going to their home to apologize, Homer catches a glimpse of Bashir's father working with TNT in his garage; due to a nightmare featuring the Genie of Aladdin in which he transforms Homer's "decadent, Western society" into a stereotypical Islamic republic, he decides to eavesdrop on Bashir's parents talking about Bashir's father's job in building demolition, but misses part of the conversation and thinks that Bashir's father is a suicide bomber. As soon as the father departs for work, Homer convinces Bashir's mother to invite him in for a proper pardoning of his dinner prejudice. In reality, he hacks into the family's laptop and discovers a diagram of demolition plans for the Springfield Mall.

He rushes to the Springfield Mall to warn the shoppers (except Patty and Selma), and sees Bart standing near a detonator with Bashir and his father. Homer tries to get rid of the dynamite by throwing it into the river, but it blows up a bridge which leads to the Duff Beer brewery. It actually turns out that the old mall was slated for destruction, which the city council wanted, while the bridge leading to the brewery was supposed to open the next day. Realizing his mistake, Homer apologizes, and the Simpson family throws a "Pardon My Intolerance" party for Bashir's family. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes obsessed with her new MyPod until she gets a US$1200 "MyBill".

She goes to Mapple's undersea headquarters and begs Steve Mobbs to consider a reduced payment plan. Steve Mobbs offers Lisa a job at Mapple to help with her bill. Much to her chagrin, Lisa is given a job where she must stand on a street corner dressed as a MyPod, handing out Mapple pamphlets and telling people to "Think Differently".

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