11 Million Dollar Maybe

Homer and Marge are scheduled to do a singing toast at their cousin Valerie's wedding, causing Marge to become nervous, due to her fear of embarrassment. Homer tells her not to worry, saying that he will make sure they do not mess up. Homer gets a fortune cookie stating that today will be his lucky day, but he does not believe so. However, he starts to believe this occurs when he crashes into a vending machine causing all of the snacks to fall out on him, and finds an Emerson, Lake & Palmer CD in the parking lot. He sings along to "Lucky Man", driving recklessly to the synthesizer solo. He then goes to the Kwik-E-Mart for a lottery ticket, even though he has to go to the wedding and sing with Marge. After a long wait, Homer gets his lottery ticket, only to find out the wedding has ended. When he takes his eyes off the road for a second, he crashes off the ramp. Homer wakes up in the hospital after the crash, and realizes he won a million dollars in the lottery. Homer does not want Marge to know he missed the wedding to get a lottery ticket, and has Barney pose as the winner. So that Marge does not know he won the money, he secretly leaves gifts for his family members. However, when Homer tries to get money out of the tree where he hid the money, Bart discovers that he won the lottery. Threatening to tell Marge, Bart demands that Homer publicly embarrasses himself, does unethical tasks, and becomes a victim of his own son. Eventually, Homer decides to tell Marge himself and get it over with. Taking Marge on a hot-air balloon, he reveals he won the lottery, causing Marge to become very glad and not furious about his absence at the wedding; he tells her he spent it all, leaving them poor as usual. However, Marge does not care, saying at least they have each other. Homer then reveals he spent the last of the money on a giant cherry blossom grove in the shape of Marge's face with the words "Love of my Life". They then sing the song they were supposed to sing at the wedding together, off in the sunset.

In the sub-plot, Lisa discovers that the senior citizens at Grampa's nursing home do not have any entertainment, and decides to buy them a digital TV converter. However, while at the store to buy it, she discovers Mr. Burns feeling very happy playing Funtendo Zii Sports. She decides to buy this for the senior citizens, hoping they will feel younger and happier. When playing the Zii, the senior citizens feel very happy and feel younger. This forces the nurses at the home to work extra hard after their workout, prompting them to wash the Zii in the dishwasher, causing it to break. Lisa becomes angry at the nurses for doing it on purpose, thus showing their disregard for the senior citizens. However, the nurses blow her off. The senior citizens then return to their boring selves, staring at TV static.

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