18 Chief of Hearts

When Homer attempts to bring a candy apple into a bank, he is mistaken for a gun-toting bank robber and sentenced by Judge Constance Harm to 100 hours of community service. While completing his community service, Homer offers Chief Clancy Wiggum a tasty parm sandwich. Wiggum is touched by the offer, and the two become instant friends. The two spend more and more time together, and Wiggum confesses to Homer that he has very few friends because as a cop "citizens are scared of us, and other cops remind us of things we want to forget." Their "moment" is interrupted when the chief must rush to a robbery, where Wiggum is shot by a thug in Fat Tony's mob. Homer keeps a bedside vigil in the hospital until Wiggum awakes, but grows tired of Wiggum's neediness and goes to Moe's for a break. When Wiggum finds him there, he declares Homer to be a bad friend and demands that Eddie and Lou arrest him, but when they refuse (since that being a "bad friend" is not unlawful) Wiggum yells at them and storms away. Neither police officers Lou nor Eddie can find the chief, but Homer finds him on the same hillside where they first hung out together. When they spot Fat Tony and his mob counterfeiting Lacoste shirts, Homer and Wiggum are captured and thrown in the trunk of Tony's car to be taken to an execution site. The situation seems hopeless, but Homer reveals that he has faith in Clancy to find a way out. Wiggum rearranges the CDs and when "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian plays instead of a dramatic song it angers Tony. When Legs and Louie open the trunk, Wiggum uses items in it to knock them out and the two make their escape. They reconcile and proceed to hassle Ned Flanders with the police helicopter. (They shine the spotlight into Ned's bedroom window and Flanders believes it is God. He still believes it when Homer, using a megaphone, tells him to do things like take off his clothes, shave his mustache and drink the shavings in cold cocoa to prepare for the impending Rapture)

Meanwhile, Bart is introduced to a Japanese card game called "Battle Ball" at Dylan's birthday party. While it is never resolved whether Dylan is male or female, Bart becomes hooked on this game. His jargon and secretive behavior lead Principal Skinner to suspect Bart of dealing drugs. Marge cannot believe that Bart would become involved with drugs, but she becomes suspicious and searches his room. When he catches her rifling through his things, he shows her his Battle Ball gear and she is satisfied that his interests are legal. Bart is horrified, though, that Marge thinks the game is cute and decides to flush it down the toilet, causing it to overflow.

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