16 A Midsummer's Nice Dream

The Simpsons are at a live Cheech and Chong show when Chong, upset by the act's repetitiveness, begins to improvise and ultimately leaves the stage. Homer is encouraged to take Chong's place on stage, and recites the "Dave's not here, man" act from memory. Cheech is impressed, and asks Homer to join him for the rest of the tour under the name "Cheech and Chunk". Homer is disillusioned to learn that Cheech and Chong's lives are different from their stoner personae. Meanwhile, Chong has replaced Cheech with Seymour Skinner, forming a duo called "Teech and Chong", but the team proves unsuccessful. Homer eventually convinces Cheech and Chong to reunite.

Meanwhile, Marge discovers that the Crazy Cat Lady is a hoarder. In an effort to help, Marge has the clutter removed from her home. But after loading the waste disposal truck, Marge begins removing items she sees as unique and non-disposeable, eventually causing her own home to become cluttered. To cure Marge's new obsession, Homer brings back the Crazy Cat Lady, who ends up becoming a hoarder again after seeing all her old items.

In an epilogue Bart, posing as Puck, tells the audience the epilogue as well as that they can watch the show the next day on Hulu.com.

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