18 The Great Simpsina

The Simpsons go peach picking. They come back home with too many peaches, so they eat only recipes with peaches. After a while, all the family except Marge get tired of eating peaches. In an attempt to get rid of the peaches, Homer takes Marge to get a massage. Meanwhile, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie take the peaches to different locations. But, Bart no longer has his peaches when the school bullies take over. Lisa is then lost in a deserted area. A raccoon chases Lisa inside an illusionist's house. When the illusionist called "The Great Raymondo" finds her, he questions her and teaches her some magic tricks.

Lisa starts presenting magic tricks to the school, and to "The Great Raymondo". Eventually, Raymondo becomes fond of his apprentice and entrusts her with his most shielded secret, the trick of "The Great Milk Can Escape". Lisa presents this act at school and while signing autographs she meets a flattering boy who charms her into explaining the act. Shortly, it is revealed that the boy is the son of rival illusionist Cregg Demon, a parody of real illusionist Criss Angel, and merely used her to steal the secret of the Milk Can act. After Demon states that he is going to present it at his next show at an upcoming magic convention (he claims that he learned the trick after being met by the ghost of the trick's creator, Harry Houdini), a betrayed Raymondo rejects Lisa's apology and orders her to leave his home. Lisa, saddened with guilt, tries to stop doing magic; however, Homer, saddened by his daughter's melancholy, marches over to Raymondo's mansion to demand he forgive his daughter. After some thinking, Raymondo decides to offer Lisa a chance of redemption by helping him stop Demon from performing the Milk Can act. At the convention, Demon gets trapped inside the milk can and risks being drowned. Lisa tries to step in to save him, but is confronted by real-life magicians Ricky Jay, David Copperfield and Penn & Teller (in their second guest appearance on the show), who reveal they replaced the fake milk can with a real one so that Cregg Demon cannot escape, thus eliminating him as competition. After a magic battle, Raymondo saves him by making a girder fall onto the magicians, and Cregg Demon decides to quit magic. At the end, Raymondo and Lisa do their act, with Lisa wowing the audience and Raymondo attempting to get high from inhaling enough ether to see a hallucination of his late wife and former assistant Esther.

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