19 The Real Housewives of Fat Tony

Selma is greeted by Fat Tony at the DMV, much to her discontent. She makes several sarcastic remarks towards Tony, enraging him in the process. This prompts him to order his local mafia to abduct and kidnap her. They set her up for interrogation at an abandoned warehouse, in which she shoots out more sarcastic remarks. Fat Tony falls in love with her humor, and later grants her the chance to get liposuction. Afterwards, the couple go on a date off the coast of New Jersey, on which he proposes to Selma. She agrees to the proposal, and they end up getting married.

After the party, tension rises between Marge and Selma after the couple place Homer and his family in an undesirable location. To offer his apologies, Fat Tony later invites the Simpson family to his mansion over on the shore of New Jersey. After meeting a few relatives, the couples spend time together. While on the beach at dusk, Selma reveals to Marge that she was envious that she was not in a happy marriage, and asks for Marge's support of her marriage. Marge finds out that Fat Tony is married to another woman, so she tells Selma about this. Selma confronts Fat Tony about the claims, and he reveals to her that he initially proposed to her to be his comare. Tony's wife abruptly crashes into his yard, only to fight with Selma at the end.

Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are walking in the forest when Bart sniffs out a truffle. After talking with Luigi about the truffles for Luigi's restaurant, Lisa then uses Bart to find more truffles. Eventually, when they cannot find truffles, Bart sniffs out one in Lisa's bedroom. Instead of selling them as planned before, Lisa has been eating them. They feel sorry for Luigi's pig, who did not get to eat any, so give it the last one that Lisa had. The pig then proves this was a bad idea by going berserk and tearing through Luigi's restaurant to eat more of them.

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