20 Homer Scissorhands

After Bart and Lisa accidentally throw paint into Patty's hair, Homer uses garden shears to cut the remaining hair, miraculously styling it. Selma demands that Homer style her hair, and he becomes Springfield's most popular hairdresser. Soon, he is styling hair for Helen Lovejoy, Luann Van Houten, Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon and numerous other women in Springfield. However, he discovers that listening to the inane chatter upsets and angers him. He even attempts to commit suicide by drinking a jar of disinfectant. Complaining to Moe and the other barflies, Homer realises that he cannot even look at the men in the bar without seeing everything that the women dislike about them. Eventually, after declaring that he can hear the hair growing around town, Homer styles Marge's hair for a party, and they pretend that Julio created the hairstyle instead. Julio is immediately surrounded by women demanding that he style them, too.

Meanwhile, Milhouse has a life-changing experience after watching Finding Nemo from the beginning. Previously he and Bart only watched the film from "Chapter 2", which takes place after Nemo's mother has died. Deciding that, since death can happen to a fish, it can happen to anyone, he decides to live each day as if it were his last. He professes his love for Lisa, even "writing" her a love song (the tune for which is clearly plagiarised from the English folk song "Greensleeves"). Lisa rejects his love, but he manages to impress a fifth-grade girl named Taffy (Kristen Schaal). Taffy and Milhouse begin to date, but Lisa fears that Taffy is only using him, and begins to spy on them both. Her appearance annoys Taffy, who decides that Milhouse will never love her as he is too obsessed with Lisa, and she leaves. Distraught, Milhouse asks Lisa just how upset she wants him to be in life, Lisa, feeling guilty for really hurting Milhouse kisses him to make him feel better. Milhouse asks if that means Lisa likes him. Not sure what to say, Lisa just tells him to never give up and that he's cute in the moonlight. Milhouse then faints off a cliff but is "saved" by an eagle. Lisa just smiles, possibly now liking him.

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