10 Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson

After a series of demeaning check-in procedures, the Simpsons board an Air Springfield plane for their trip to the wedding of a relative in Montana. The pilot announces that owing to an unforeseen jailbreak the trip will be delayed. He tells the travelers that because the plane is still on the ground, he will turn off the ventilation system. However, all of the ethnic passengers on-board are still allowed to eat their odd-smelling food, and after several hours the rest of the passengers feel sick. The pilot makes another announcement that the plane is going to taxi back to the gate and remain there for an unknown amount of time, and that the passengers cannot get off. When Homer is banned from using the bathroom, his anger boils over and he rants about the airline's horrible treatment of its passengers. Bart records a video of Homer running amok and then escapes from the plane via the wing. He uploads it on YouTube and it quickly becomes popular.

Homer is invited to speak his mind on a popular cable news show called Head Butt, on which host Nash Castor and commentator Adriatica Vel Johnson argue that he will soon be forgotten. However, Homer makes a convincing rant in which he tells the viewers that unlike television blowhards such as Nash and Adriatica, he speaks for the common man. When the show is over, the cable network executives give Homer his own television show called Gut Check with Homer Simpson, where he provides a mix of populist and conservative ideas. During one episode, he pours "gravy of freedom" over a steak shaped like America, using the gravy as a metaphor for the things that make the country great. He then encourages his viewers to "get on the boat" to protest about the bad things in society, and proceeds to place a gravy boat on his head. This wins Homer a huge base of support among average Americans, and soon the "gravy boat movement" becomes popular throughout the country.

When Homer is chosen by the Republicans to pick their candidate for the next presidential election, his lack of interest in the current candidates leads him to choose Ted Nugent. He invites Nugent for a visit to the Simpsons' home, where Lisa complains that Homer has made the wrong pick since Nugent is "out of his mind". Later that day, Homer has a dream in which James Madison shows him how ashamed past American presidents are of Homer. When he wakes up, he tells Lisa he will not be supporting Nugent for president anymore. He then sees a brochure on her dresser with a man posing as a president and offering help with fake dreams. Homer realizes the family faked his dream to convince him not to endorse Nugent. As a result, he angrily decides to go on television and express his support for Nugent. However, when he tries to bring out his ability to cry every time he discusses anything on television, he finds he cannot bring up those emotions because he does not truly believe in what he is saying. Homer announces on television that he "is full of crap" and reconciles with Lisa. As a result, Nugent is stripped of his position as the Republican presidential candidate. The episode ends as he sings a song about what his presidency would have been like.

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