11 The D'oh-cial Network

The episode starts in a courtroom where Lisa is on trial. The Blue-Haired Lawyer is accusing her of bringing devastation upon Springfield because of her selfish desire to be accepted by others. Lisa starts telling everyone in the courtroom about her side of the story. A few months ago, she and her family went to the new mall in town. There, she encountered her schoolmates Sherri and Terri and asked them if she could spend some time with them at the mall. The two twins said no to Lisa, which made her realize that she has no real friends. Later, Lisa went on Homer's computer and discovered that it is easier to make friends online than in real life, and thus she started a social networking website called SpringFace to get friends. The site became instantly popular among all the citizens of Springfield and Lisa made over a thousand friends in a short period of time. However, Lisa soon noticed that these friends only talked to her on SpringFace and not in real life. She also discovered that the website grew too big to control, with people becoming so addicted to it that they even used it while driving their cars. This caused chaos in the town after numerous car crashes and deaths.

In the present time, the court orders Lisa to shut down SpringFace, and Lisa agrees to do this. The people of Springfield throw away their smartphones and computers soon after the website is closed. When Lisa looks outside her window, she sees Sherri and Terri and a bunch of their friends playing Marco Polo, and they invite Lisa to join them. Patty and Selma are then seen competing in a rowing race against the Winklevoss twins at the London 2012 Olympics, with Patty and Selma winning. This is followed by a short entitled "A Simpsons 'Show's Too Short' Story", animated in the dark, grim style of American artist Edward Gorey. It tells the story of how Bart was a troublemaker from the day he was born, and shows him and Milhouse wrapping Springfield Elementary School in toilet paper.

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