17 What Animated Women Want

Homer and Marge have a lunch date at an up-market sushi restaurant. Marge is excited at the opportunity to have 'grown up people' conversations as the kids are not with them, but Homer is only interested in eating. Enraged, Marge storms out of the restaurant. A worried Homer tries to fix his problems with Marge by finishing a to-do list from within his wallet that Marge had given him. Marge is disappointed because the list is from 6 years earlier. Homer returns to the Japanese restaurant and is given relationship advice by the head chef. Homer takes some food from the restaurant back home and offers it to Marge. She is almost impressed but becomes unhappy when Homer eats the food himself. Unsure of what to do, Homer goes to Moe's Tavern and talks to Moe about his marriage problems. Moe suggests winning her back by exciting her with sex, specifically sadomasochistic sex, as used in Fifty Shades of Grey. Homer goes to the local sex shop where he purchases an array of different sex devices. When he shows Marge all that he has bought she is confused and unimpressed. Homer sits down on one of the machines by mistake and is injured by it. He is taken to the hospital and while he is being treated they reconcile. Afterwards they return home and set all the sex items on fire; Marge admits that she was too hard on him as she says that no matter what he will try to make things right.

Meanwhile, Milhouse is sitting with Bart in the Springfield Elementary School cafeteria. He looks at Lisa and hopes that she will come up to him. She begins to approach him and he becomes excited, but she has only come to the table to tell Bart that Marge had mixed up their lunches. She asks Milhouse if she can eat his cupcake. Having just seen A Streetcar Named Desire for a class assignment, Milhouse takes on the personality of Marlon Brando, and is rude and dismissive towards her, refusing her request for the cupcake. This causes him to win Lisa's respect. Confused as to why his new tactic works, he continues this to keep Lisa interested in him. Seeking answers as to if it is okay to pretend to be someone he is not, he approaches the school counselor (Wanda Sykes). Before she can give him an answer she receives a call notifying her she has been fired. Shocked, she tells Milhouse that he should continue pretending to be who he is not, because his regular personality is boring. Feeling as though he is betraying his character he throws cupcakes (the same from earlier on in the episode) at Lisa's window. He apologizes for pretending to be someone he is not and they feel happier.

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