18 Pulpit Friction

After crashing onto the couch from the couch gag, the Simpsons decide to get a new couch, but before Marge can go to the store, Homer orders a new couch online from Brooklyn, New York. The new couch is infested by bedbugs and soon Springfield is overrun with them. As Reverend Lovejoy is unable to calm the town, the Parson (last seen on "Moe Letter Blues") demotes Lovejoy and promotes a new reverend named Elijah Hooper. The town begins to appreciate Hooper and the cultural references he makes in his sermons. Meanwhile, while deinfesting her clothes, Marge finds that her wedding dress has been switched with one of Krusty's costumes. She confronts the clown who tells her that he no longer has the dress. However, Lisa manages to find it quickly.

Hooper and Homer bond and Hooper suggests that Homer could be the new church deacon. Homer accepts, but Bart starts to miss all father-son time with him, and turns to Flanders who is still angry and devastated after Lovejoy left. They visit Lovejoy, who now works as a hot tub salesman, but he says he does not want to come back. Bart, with Milhouse's help, manages to buy some dead insects which he gives to frogs. The frogs begin to invade the town, and Hooper is demoted when he is unable to do anything except talk about movies or music. Lovejoy happily accepts his post back after his voice made the frogs fall asleep.

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