16 You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee

At the school assembly, Principal Skinner presents a skit about living history. The kids begin heckling them and the assembly devolves into a disaster. Chalmers suggests holding a speech contest on the students' heroes.

After Martin beats her to the punch using her first idea, Marie Curie, Lisa changes her speech to one on Homer. Lisa wins over the crowd and both kids' speeches are posted online. Lisa's goes viral, so much so that Homer is called to referee games in the World Cup in Brazil.

At the World Cup, Homer referees honestly, but soon gangsters attempt to bribe him. Wanting to retain Lisa's respect (and the fact that he is utterly disinterested in the game), Homer refuses. He continues to be an honest referee despite the players trying to bribe him when he gives them red cards.

Homer admits to Bart that it is hard to turn down the bribes, but knowing that Lisa chose him as her hero, he has no other choice. Bart decides to tell him the truth about Lisa’s speech; that he never really was her first choice as a hero. Homer is so devastated he decides to accept the bribes.

During the World Cup Final (Germany vs. Brazil) Homer has been bribed to fix the game so that the Brazilians win. Lisa tells him that his integrity as a referee has impressed her so much he is her real hero now. A Brazilian player known as "El Divo" (a parody of Neymar) goes down in the game and appears to be hurt. Homer, listening to Lisa, thinks he is guilty of diving. Homer calls "no penalty", denying Brazil the penalty kick and the Germans win the World Cup.

The betrayed gangsters are just about to kill Homer when Marge begs them in fluent Portuguese (which she has been attempting to learn throughout the episode) to forgive him. The gangster's mother happens to be a lady on the plane that Lisa traded seats with so the gangster's mother could watch premium HBO. She intercedes to allow the Simpsons to go free.

The Simpsons are later seen in the middle of the marsh lands and rivers of the Amazon enjoying all the beauty of the nature as Homer admires a clearing of a section of rainforest in order to make way for a Krusty Burger.

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