4 YOLO (The Simpsons)

Kirk Van Houten is having a midlife crisis and Homer begins to realise that his current life will not change and becomes depressed. Homer then shows Marge letters from his old Spanish pen pal, Eduardo. To cheer up Homer, Marge invites Eduardo to stay with the family. Eduardo arrives and helps Homer fulfill his childhood dreams, such as riding in the back of a fire truck, fighting The Pirates of Penzance, and re-enacting the battle of Captain Kirk and the Gorn from Star Trek using props from Comic Book Guy's store.

Homer decides to fulfill his last childhood dream: flying like Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Homer and Eduardo fly on a wingsuit and, after panicking, Homer is able to control his flying. Unfortunately, Homer crashes on the tallest building in Springfield and falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, Kent Brockman reveals that Springfield Elementary students are cheating. Lisa proposes creating an honor code that will make the student not to cheat and turn any cheater in. Although every student declines, Lisa manages to get every student to sign the honor code by getting the most influential students to sign the honor code such as Nelson (the strongest kid), Martin (the smartest kid) and Milhouse (the class nerd), after a few days, Lisa's code began to work as the students are studying much harder. Lisa accidentally grabs Bart's backpack and realizes that Bart is cheating. Lisa plans to report this; however, that would mean that her system has failed and everyone will just go back to cheating.

Lisa plans to force Bart to turn himself in. Bart quickly declines and replies that the only thing that will make him turn himself in is a sign from God. Seconds later, Homer falls (following his earlier crash) and lands on Bart (followed by Homer's scream, since Homer himself landed faster than the speed of sound). Bart and Lisa see this as a sign from God, and Bart turns himself in.

Homer promises Eduardo to take him to the airport. After asking Eduardo where he wants to be dropped off, Eduardo tells him to "go as far as your heart will take you". Homer and Eduardo are last seen heading towards Sagrada Família in Barcelona.

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