9 Steal This Episode

Homer is ejected from a movie theater, but Bart cheers him up by showing him how to download the movie illegally. Homer then decides to open a backyard theater to show movies downloaded from the Internet. Marge starts to feel sorry after watching the movie and sends a check along with an apology letter to Hollywood to repay the money for the tickets she should have bought. A manager in Hollywood receives the letter and alerts the FBI.

The FBI raids the Simpsons' house and arrests Homer for movie piracy. Marge feels guilty for accidentally getting her husband in trouble; however, during dinner the next night, Marge defensively maintains the belief that she did the right thing, even though Bart and Lisa side with Homer. Homer's bus to Springfield Penitentiary gets taken over by the prisoners who all think what Homer did was much worse than robbing a bank or trafficking drugs. The bus falls onto a ledge, where Homer is rescued by a passing train after the prisoners abandon the bus. He returns home and despite Marge's pleading, refuses to turn himself in.

Lisa takes the family to a Swedish consulate, since downloading movies is not illegal in Sweden. While in hiding, Marge confesses to Homer that she turned him in. Homer, feeling betrayed, turns himself in.

During the trial at a U.S. Federal Court, Homer delivers a speech about his movie piracy. The Hollywood filmmakers who attend the trial are impressed by Homer's story and they drop all the charges, intending to buy the rights to Homer's story to turn it into a movie.

A week before the film ("Streaming Valor") airs, the residents of Springfield give Homer a surprise special screening of an illegally downloaded copy. Homer gets angry at them, since he now gets money from the movie profit and kicks them out of his backyard while telling them to see it when it comes out in theaters.

While watching "Streaming Valor" in the theater, Bart asks Lisa which side were the real pirates: the movie producers or those fighting for Internet freedom. Lisa says that both sides "claim their intentions are noble, but by the end of the day they're trying to steal as much money as they can". She then proceeds to say who the "real pirate" is, but is censored by NASCAR footage during the credits followed by a pirate flag and the laughing sounds of Seth Rogen.

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