1 Clown in the Dumps

Krusty the Clown appears on a comedy roast by Jeff Ross and Sarah Silverman, and is offended by them. He seeks the advice of his father, Rabbi Krustofski, on whether he is funny; the Rabbi says he always thought he was "eh..." and dies suddenly, right before he's about to tell Krusty what he really thinks of his comedy. As his father's last words seemed to be dismissive, and believing that nobody finds him funny anymore, Krusty quits his show.

Bart attempts to reinspire Krusty by showing him old episodes of the show, but he picks up on the repetitive nature of his own jokes, and binge drinks in anger. He passes out and has a vision of himself in Jewish Heaven, where he meets Rodney Dangerfield. Rabbi Krustofski then appears and tells Krusty that Jews do not believe in Heaven, and thus he should do more to help others. An act of kindness does not seem to make him happier, but Bart takes Krusty to the synagogue, where Rabbi Krustofski's favorite Rabbi recites Krusty's jokes on religion. Krusty therefore deduces that his father did find him funny, and sees him again in Jewish Heaven, where Jesus turns Dangerfield's water into a Bloody Mary.

Triggered by the death of Krusty's father, Lisa becomes obsessed with protecting her own father, Homer, from getting hurt. She wraps him in bubble wrap, which ends up saving his life when Otto's school bus plows into the garden. Eventually Marge and Bart talk some sense into Lisa, that while it is nice of her to be concerned for her father, she should not force Homer to take it easy on himself and just let him live his life.

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