15 The Princess Guide

Homer takes Lisa to a "Take Your Daughter to Work Day". When Homer manages to trade a corn chip for a full salad for Lisa, they hug. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns needs uranium immediately to keep the SNPP running and has the King of Nigeria fly in for negotiations to supply it. When the king mentions that his daughter Princess Kemi is staying in the country and needs someone to care for her, Mr. Burns sees Lisa and Homer hugging on his surveillance monitors. He decides Homer is the perfect man for the job.

Marge is angry that Homer will care for the princess, but not their own child. However, Homer does poorly at his job, as the princess becomes bored in her apartment. When he takes Kemi to Moe's, Moe expresses displeasure since he suspects the princess' brother stole money for him. Homer returns to the apartment with the princess, who disappears. As he tries to explain the situation to Chief Wiggum, he gets arrested moments before she gets back to the bar. Lenny and Carl bail Homer out of the jail, but he is still responsible for Kemi and must find her.

At the bar, Moe finds himself bonding with Kemi. They spend the next day together seeing Springfield and having fun until Homer finds them, angry that Moe has taken his job to care for the princess. Moe and Kemi evade Homer and when she gives him a kiss, a paparazzo takes the picture. It quickly is viewed by her father on the Internet, leading him to declaring he will never sign the uranium deal with Mr. Burns. Kemi explains to her father that kiss was just friendly, which hurts Moe until she declares that Moe is a wonderful friend who made her happy. The king wants to punish her, but Homer explains to him that he should let his daughter live her life as she wants, and the king relents and signs the deal.

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