2 The Wreck of the Relationship

When Bart disrespects his father Homer's authority, Homer tries to parent Bart. Bart later refuses to eat one piece of broccoli at dinner, so Homer decides to sit at the table until Bart eats his broccoli, which lasts two days with each of them getting a temptation from their friends. To solve problems, Lisa makes two identical smoothies with one with the broccoli blended in it, and Bart has to drink one of them. Bart deliberately spills the smoothies, and means he doesn't have to eat the broccoli. When Homer and Bart eventually start to fight, Marge sends the two to a "Relation Ship" with Captain Bowditch (Nick Offerman), where they can solve their relationship problems. Bart excels on the ship and is made midshipman, but Homer detests it. While everyone else on the ship does not seem to mind about Bart being midshipman, Homer refuse to participate in the ship's activities and instead, gets drunk of a flask of rum. When the captain snatches the rum of Homer, and reveals that he became a captain due to him being a recovering alcoholic, the captain gives into temptation and drinks the rum, becoming drunk with Homer. A huge storm begins, and Bart is left in charge of the ship due to the captain's intoxication. Homer refuses to accept Bart's authority until he pulls out a piece of broccoli, and finally eats it. The crew steer the boat to safety.

Meanwhile, Marge had to draft Homer's fantasy football team called "Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe" despite knowing nothing of the sport and horrifies him by choosing a roster made mostly of placekickers. Initially put off by the trash talking from Homer's friends, she and Lisa study football in detail and realize that a coming major storm event in the U.S. will lead to teams attempting and making record numbers of field goals, and thus her roster ends up piling up huge amount of point and defeating all challengers, proving as the narrator says that "fantasy football is mainly luck."

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