3 Super Franchise Me

Ned Flanders and his sons are trying to reduce their use of electricity in the house but discover that Homer is using their electricity to power a Ferris Wheel and a freezer full of meat. When Flanders takes the freezer away (since Homer had "borrowed" it from him), Marge puts the meat to use by making sandwiches, which prove popular at Springfield Elementary School when Bart and Lisa take them there as currency.

Trudy Zangler of Mother Hubbard's Sandwich Cupboard advises Marge to open a franchise with the company. It initially struggles due to its incompetent staff (Marge fires Gil Gunderson for doing two jobs at once and Shauna Chalmers for stealing the register money), but begins to make a nice profit when the family takes over. However, business slows again when an express outlet with the same franchise opens across the road, operated by Cletus and his family. Marge is depressed and goes to Moe's, who tells her a scam to get out of her contract with the franchise. Homer goes into the restaurant in disguise and has hot coffee spilled on his crotch and gets hit by a fire extinguisher; Marge then tells a previously unsympathetic Trudy that the family's lack of emergency medical training is a violation of her franchise contract. To prevent a massive lawsuit, Trudy reluctantly gives Marge back all of her costs and Marge exults that things turned out relatively well for the family as they broke even.

The episode ends with a scene showing a caveman Homer making the first ever sandwich from ground sloth meat between two squirrels, but then he wanders to his death inside a tar pit. In the present, Homer admires the fossilized sandwich.

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