5 Treehouse of Horror XXVI

The episode opens with a John Kricfalusi-animated couch gag where the Simpson children are trick-or-treating before being set upon by soul-hungry spirits with a monstrous Frank Grimes among them that skins Bart for his soul before Maggie saves him and Lisa. The spirits chase after the Simpson children to their home, and the Frank Grimes monster takes Homer's soul.

Bart gets a text message from Milhouse, telling him to come to the music room. When he gets there, he finds Sideshow Bob, who lured him there with Milhouse's phone in order to accomplish his lifelong dream: to kill Bart. Bob kills Bart with a spear gun and takes his body to his house to celebrate his accomplishment. As his main objective in life is done, he decides to complete other dreams, such as becoming a literature teacher at Springfield University, but is dissatisfied as his students are lazy cheaters. He discovers that the only thing that has made him happy was hunting down Bart for 24 years, so he builds a machine to bring Bart back to life so he can kill him over and over. Bob's machine is discovered by Santa's Little Helper, and the Simpson family break into his basement and reanimate Bart. Bob appears with a shotgun and has the legal right to kill the intruding Simpsons. Homer attacks Bob with a lamp, ripping his head off, and Marge decides that Bart can keep Bob's remains. Bart puts Bob's head into the Reanimator with a horn, frog legs, a chicken body, a tail and a booger, making a bizarre-looking creature.

In a parody of Godzilla, a crazy old Japanese man based on Grampa Simpson is constantly mocked because every day he drops a perfect donut into the ocean. When asked why he does such things, he says that is because if he does not, a huge sea monster will rise and destroy the city. One day, as he is preparing a donut for his "ritual", he chokes on the toppings and dies. With nobody to drop the donuts, a sea monster called Homerzilla (Homer) wakes up and destroys the city. The scene cuts to the present time, where executives are watching the Homerzilla film, stating that it is so bad that it deserves a remake. Two years later, they release Zilla, a total failure. They throw all the merchandising into the ocean, but the containers wake up Homerzilla and a message appears reporting that he will return as soon as people have forgotten about the last film.

In a parody of Chronicle, Bart, Lisa and Milhouse are walking through a forest. Bart scares Lisa with dead owls, and she hits Milhouse's nose with the camera, making him lose his balance and fall into a giant hole. Bart and Lisa decide to jump into the hole to rescue him, making all the three stuck inside of it with nuclear waste from the nuclear power plant. The radioactive goo explodes, sending all three of them back outside the hole. When they wake up, Milhouse and Lisa discover that they have gained telekinesis, so they decide to use the powers for selfish purposes. Lisa only makes a few changes, but Milhouse goes mad with powers only to be struck by lightning. Lisa says she did not do it, making the family curious to discover who did this. They then realize that Maggie also has telepathic powers, as she was using a radioactive rod as a pacifier. Maggie then uses her powers to benefit the world, such as turning Homerzilla into a larger Barney the Dinosaur before taking a nap. The episode ends with Kang and Kodos complaining that once again, they only have made a cameo appearance.

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