13 3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage

After watching a superhero movie and on Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson's insistent request while staying after the credits for the middle and post-credit sequences, the Simpson family returns home from Capital City. Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson start narrating the story of how they lived there before getting married, and as soon as they observe their old apartment, the couple invite the kids to visit it.

They meet the new owners of the accommodation, who gives Marge their mail. They continue to tell their story to the owners, explaining how Marge was a photographer working for a news company led by J.J. Gruff while Homer worked at a new company called Flashmouth. Marge and Homer went partying, watching movies, watching the starry sky on top of a car, then Bart came and it all changed.

Their careers went downhill, when kids and their jobs didn't match. Homer lost his job and Marge was threatened by J.J. Gruff to be replaced by Booberella if Marge didn't get a new nightlife story.

By trying to write an article, Marge interviews John Baldessari, but Homer and Bart enter the gallery after Bart drove the car on a ferry while Homer was sleeping, and he started making pranks. When Marge presented to J.J. Gruff the photos of it, she lost her job because the journal lost their art advertisers thanks to Bart.

Bart then gets banned from the kindergarten class and they brought their problems to the Church. The solution that Reverend Lovejoy proposed via showing them a video called "Problem Child," which suggests that the solution to rambunctious children was to have a second child. Thus, Lisa was born.

What they demonstrated to the couple was too terrible that the soon-to-be-wife left the house, but the family, forcing smiles to show they are happy brought her back.

In the last scene the family returns to Springfield, while Lisa starts asking more stories of their background. They stop at the Doughy Dozen Bagels to eat some bagels. Homer and Marge are alone, but are disturbed by the kids moving around in the car while Grampa Simpson watches them.

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