3 Whistler's Father

Marge is out for the evening with Luann Van Houten, Bernice Hibbert and Helen Lovejoy, and asks Homer to take care of Maggie. The women, led by Helen, criticize Marge's taste in interior decorating.

Meanwhile, Homer discovers Maggie has a talent of being a whistling savant. Homer starts dreaming of using her talent to become famous.

Meanwhile, Marge thinks about her tastes, and resolves to decorating a late pick up room for Springfield Elementary unlike any seen before, but Lisa remembers there never was one. The Hibbert family changes their opinion on Marge's style, but Helen is not convinced yet while Fat Tony appears with his cousin's son Michael D'Amico, offering her a job appreciating the work she did.

At Moe's Tavern, Homer tried fooling the guys, but Grampa Simpson unveils his trick, telling the story of his whistling talent being stopped by a performance going wrong, and asks Homer to bring her to become popular like he wished he become. They bring Maggie to the Springfield City Zoo to teach her new whistles, and Bart Simpson is disappointed he's the only son not to have talent, while vultures try to take Grampa, unsuccessfully.

At the Springfield Post Office, Fat Tony asks Marge to redecorate it. At the Get It and Regret It Hardware store, a family tries a couch, imitating the family's couch gags, and Squeaky Voice Teen tells them they have to buy it after trying the couch, while Marge buys stuff to redecorate the post office, but she discovers that Fat Tony turned it into a whorehouse.

The family, reunited to eat, is hiding secrets from each other, including Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II kissing each other. Homer brings Maggie to Channel 6, where the Hot Shot Tots Springfield Audition is held, and finds out how show business works and tries to convince Maggie to stop but she refuses, while the women discover what happened to the post office. Marge convinces Fat Tony to close the whorehouse down while Maggie, in front of the public, can't whistle anymore due to a tooth growing in her mouth.

Back at home, Homer says good night to Maggie, telling her to hide any other talent she has. When he's gone, she pulls out a beautiful black and white painting of Homer.

In bed, Homer and Marge tell each other the secrets they held from each other. Shortly after that, Homer finds out Marge is letting out his pants making him think he's thinner as he weeps about this.

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