12 I Married Marge

Marge and Homer worry that Marge may be pregnant again after a home pregnancy test gives inconclusive results, so Marge drives to Dr. Hibbert's office to take another test. While waiting, Homer tells Bart, Lisa, and Maggie the story of how he and Marge got married, and Bart's birth thereafter. In 1980, Homer works at a miniature golf course and is dating Marge. One night, they make out inside of a golf course castle after seeing The Empire Strikes Back. A few days later, Marge feels sick and tells Homer she might be pregnant. He takes her to the office of Dr. Hibbert, who confirms that Marge is pregnant. Homer is less than thrilled over the announcement, but since he loves Marge he proposes to her and she accepts.

They decide to name their new baby Bart, as it is the first name they could think of that Homer did not think other children would make fun of. The two marry in a small wedding chapel across the state line. They spend their wedding night at Marge's family's house, sleeping on a couch in the living room, which irritates Marge's mother, Jacqueline and her sisters Patty and Selma.

Homer's wages at the miniature golf course are insufficient to pay for his new family so he attempts to get a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, but is unsuccessful. When Homer and Marge's newly purchased baby supplies and Marge's wedding ring are repossessed, Homer decides to leave and find a job. When Marge reads the letter Homer left behind explaining his actions, she is brought to tears. Homer gets a job at a "Gulp N' Blow" taco restaurant, where Patty and Selma find him. Selma, seeing how unhappy her younger sister is without Homer, decides to tell Marge the truth in spite of Patty's reluctance (due to her obvious hatred of Homer). Marge finds Homer and convinces him to come back home with her. When Homer says he cannot provide much material wealth for Marge, she reminds him that anything he gives her is valuable, because it is from him.

Homer applies for a job at the power plant once more, this time marching into Mr. Burns's office and telling him that he will be the perfect employee. Mr. Burns is so impressed that he hires Homer on the spot. When Homer returns to Marge's house, he discovers from his mother-in-law that she has gone into labor and is already at the hospital. He quickly gets there and sees Marge with Selma and an angry Patty, who starts berating him. Fed up with her disrespect, Homer lashes out at Patty and angrily tells Patty (as well as the rest of the Bouvier family) to start showing him some respect for he has a job, a piece of news that Homer promptly tells Marge before she finally gives birth to Bart. After Homer finishes telling his flashback story, he admits to Bart that he received the greatest gift a man can have the day Bart was born. At that time, Marge arrives home with the news that she is not pregnant. They are both overjoyed and high-five.

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